Meet Amy

Amy's HeadThe most important part of my life is… loving and being loved by Jesus Christ.  My husband and my daughter are gifts from God that I treasure with all my heart. My greatest goal is to love them well and to set an example of a life lived with lovepurposehope, and joy.

I feel a special compassion toward men and women who, regardless of their professional occupation, are compelled to share God’s message through writing or serving. (In other words, pastors and non-pastors alike.) Whatever season of life or ministry you find yourself in, coaching may be right for you. I hold a Master’s degree in Professional Coaching and am passionate about coaching people like you to reach your highest and best potential for our Lord Jesus Christ.

To learn more about me and how your life and ministry can benefit from coaching, I invite you to come check out my website, kick off your shoes, and stay a while.

1 Response to Meet Amy

  1. Joanie Dwyer says:

    Hi Amy, I don’t have your email address at work so am leaving this message here.
    Thank you so much for your expertise in teaching the 501 coaching class. You bring not only a wealth of knowledge to the table, but a positive, light, kind, generous, loving, encouraging energy that creates a safe, fun place to learn.

    I so enjoyed the class and am looking forward to pursuing certification. Thanks so much for all of the support materials, as well as your instruction.

    Have a beautiful Christmas!
    Joanie 😉


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